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Carolyn Sullins, Ph.D.

Senior Evaluation Associate

Carolyn Sullins, Ph.D.

Carolyn Sullins is a Senior Evaluation Associate with a PhD in Educational Psychology, specializing in Program Evaluation, and over two decades of experience evaluating a wide range of educational and social service organizations. She has evaluated a wide range of psychological health programs for military members and their families.  She has led the evaluation of comprehensive STEM programs for underrepresented college students, helped develop on-line University materials concerning research methods, and educated graduate-level students in both evaluation courses and one-on-one in research projects. 


Prior to joining LMA, she worked as an evaluation technical assistance liaison with James Bell Associates, where she assisted the Children’s Bureau child welfare grantees with their evaluation designs. She also worked with educational and social service agencies to develop evaluation plans for initiatives to keep foster children’s educational records and services consistent after placement changes.  Prior to this work at James Bell Associates, Dr. Sullins led the award-winning evaluation of a SAMHSA-funded children’s mental health “system of care.” 


Dr. Sullins also has years of experience as a Senior Research Associate with The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University.  In this role she managed a multi-method evaluation of a cluster of charter schools, directed several evaluations of after school and disciplinary programs, and co-authored the book Evaluating School Programs: An Educators Guide with James Sanders. 


In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys singing and songwriting (including some tongue-in-cheek songs about the challenges of program evaluation).