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Dr Leah Stauber

Senior Evaluation Associate

Leah Stauber, Ph.D.

Dr. Leah Stauber (she/her/ella) is an applied sociocultural anthropologist with specialties in the realms of health and medicine, education, adolescence, community self-efficacy, and historical and contemporary sociopolitics of the US-Mexico border.


Dr. Stauber earned her PhD in applied, medical and educational anthropology, with a minor in Mexican American Studies, from the University of Arizona. She has conducted interventional and assessment research on the US-Mexico border for over 20 years, including in the realms of adolescent and adult health behavior and health practice; public schooling (curricular and pedagogical); transborder environmental and labor policy; community activism and social movements; and food justice and food systems policy.


Across her career, Dr. Stauber has collaborated substantially with local nonprofits in various forms of community-engaged assessment. She holds expertise in qualitative and mixed-methods research design, evaluation, and data analysis, and particularly specializes in youth- and community-engaged research methods, as well as methods for the assessment of complex systems. She is a committed proponent of research as being for the uplift of the oppressed and for the reduction of human suffering.

Dr. Stauber was formerly teaching and research faculty in the U. Arizona Health Sciences (Colleges of Nursing and Public Health) and a postdoctoral researcher in the McClelland Institute for the Study of Children, Youth and Families). She retains faculty affiliations with the U. Arizona Department or Mexican American Studies, Center for Regional Food Studies, and Institute for LGBTQ Studies.

Running parallel with her academic and evaluation careers has been Dr. Stauber’s exploration and practice in the arenas of contemplative science and contemplative practice. She has been a teacher and scholar of yoga and Buddhism for almost twenty years and teaches weekly low-cost, dharma-infused yoga classes. After childhood and young adult years spent moving around the globe, Dr. Stauber’s greatest pride has been to raise her children in, and to serve the community of Tucson, which she so dearly loves.