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Michel Lahti
Michel Lahti, PhD

Senior Evaluation Assocaite

Michel Lahti, PhD

Michel Lahti, PhD, is a Senior Evaluation Associate with LeCroy & Milligan Associates.  Dr. Lahti has directed and conducted evaluation services for agencies in multiple sectors for over 20 years.  He has experience managing human service and educational programs in state government. He also has had faculty appointments in the University setting in graduate and undergraduate education.  His evaluation experience is wide ranging including designing and conducting multi-year, randomized control trials, quasi-experimental studies, implementation studies and coalition evaluations.  Dr. Lahti’s data analysis skills include both parametric and nonparametric methods, survival analysis, propensity scoring and qualitative analysis using both emergent and defined approaches to coding. 


Dr. Lahti has experience in facilitating research partnerships that bring together program leaders, clients and researchers to learn from each other how best to improve program outcomes. He enjoys learning from and consulting with diverse non-profit, Tribal and governmental agencies  and brings expertise in strategic planning, grant writing and implementing performance management systems. Dr. Lahti brings substantive knowledge in many arenas including early childhood education and development, education and post-secondary education, foundation evaluation, health and public health, among others.

A master at juggling the numerous demands of managing a small professional services firm, he wears many hats with his unflappable nature.


He enjoys hiking, playing golf and loves Tucson’s craft beer scene!  The very best thing about his life is his wonderful family – his dear wife, five children and four stupendous grand-children.

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