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Tracey Thomas
Tracey Thomas, DrPH

Senior Evaluation Associate

Tracey Thomas, DrPH, CHES

Tracey Thomas, DrPH, CHES, is a Senior Evaluation Associate at LeCroy & Milligan Associates. Reflecting her diverse skills and interests, she holds graduate degrees in communication, sociology, and public health. She has nearly 15 years of experience working in public health, leading research and evaluation projects in a variety of areas including mental health, substance use, food access, cancer disparities, and school health. 

Dr. Thomas has served in various capacities to support social and environmental change to promote individual and population health. Much of this work has taken place in educational settings, where she has led the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and policies to create healthier school environments. In leadership positions with regional and national non-profits, she has facilitated dozens of trainings for school and district leaders working to improve the physical and social-emotional health of students and staff. While much of her work has been in public health, she has also supported the implementation and evaluation of several college access programs. 

In addition to her work in research and evaluation, Dr. Thomas has worked with organizations to secure large federal and private grants to support health and college access programs. She has also taught research, evaluation, and program planning courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. All of Dr. Thomas’s work in public health and education is driven by her desire to achieve health equity.        

On the weekends, Dr. Thomas can be spotted at a national forest, farmers’ market, local brewery, or museum with her family. 

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