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Darcy McNaughton, MBA


Darcy McNaughton, MBA

Darcy McNaughton, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer for LeCroy & Milligan Associates (LMA). Ms. McNaughton brings a balance of business acumen coupled with research experience, non-profit and human services leadership, and organizational development. For nearly two decades, she has worked with government entities, nonprofits and community groups to help improve their services and programs.

Ms. McNaughton’s career has included research fellowships and leadership roles that have enhanced the work of nonprofit organizations in several states. For example, she served as Special Projects Fellow for the Colgate University Upstate Institute and the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education. These organizations work to bridge the resources and needs of local communities with those of several Upstate New York universities. A Tucson resident for nearly 15 years, Ms. McNaughton has served in several local leadership roles including as Director of Strategic Development for Community Partnership of Southern Arizona, strategically transitioning the organization from an oversight entity for Medicaid funded behavioral health services, to a behavioral health provider with diverse business lines. In addition, she served as Vice President of Operations for 4Tucson, another local nonprofit organization, where she was central to the development of more established internal operations in areas including human resources, information systems and communications. Her dynamic approach to team building and collaboration, along with her humility, integrity, and ability to plan and execute complex initiatives, were central to her success in these nonprofit settings. A highly skilled researcher/evaluator, director, team leader, consultant, and facilitator, Ms. McNaughton thrives when working with diverse groups on solving complex problems.

Ms. McNaughton worked as an Evaluation Associate and Operations Manager with LMA from 2006-2011 and returned as a Senior Evaluation Associate in 2019, before moving into the role of CEO. While at LMA, she has led substance abuse, mental health, education, youth, and teen pregnancy prevention related projects for state, federal and local organizations including Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and federal Office of Adolescent Health demonstration grants. She has overseen randomized control trials, demonstration projects, needs assessments, process/outcome evaluations and strategic planning services. Prior to joining LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Ms. McNaughton launched a private business that provided consultation and project management services.

When not at work, Ms. McNaughton enjoys spending time with her husband, adult daughter and two energetic toddlers!

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