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HFPI Training & Professional Development

LeCroy & Milligan Associates provides training to home visitation, early childhood intervention and family support program staff to successfully  implement the HFPI. Training prepares staff in best practices to administer, score, and use the HFPI in clinical practice.  


Program staff who receive training are more likely to use the HFPI in planning focused interventions with families.Staff are better equipped to discuss strengths, concerns and “red flags” that are revealed in the HFPI score.  The training also prepares all supervisors, program managers and direct service staff to utilize the HFPI in supervision, case planning and curriculum planning.


As developers and researchers of the HFPI, LeCroy & Milligan Associates can provide program evaluation support around implementing the HFPI and analyzing results for your program. 

Our training program for the HFPI ensures your organization can quickly and efficiently administer the instrument and start gathering actionable results right away.



















What People Say About Training:

"My teams found this training so helpful and we are grateful for the opportunity to expand our ability to use this tool with increased fidelity. Thank you for making the presentation fun and for this handy chart showing the correlations between the protective factors and the HFPI subscales." 
Jean McNeil, CFR

"The HFPI training gave me a better understanding of the intricacies of the tool and the numerous things that can be learned about a family from the results."
Home Visitor, Healthy Families Arizona

Advance your organization with training and development

LeCroy & Milligan Associates is offering a Two Part Webinar series.

Please contact us to schedule your webinar.

The CORE Training is an in-person one day training on the administration of the HPFI. (Availability for In-Person training may change as a result of COVID-19)


  • $2400*, one day training (1 trainer)

  • $49.00 per HFPI User Manual for each participant

  • Tip Sheets purchased separately 

  • Custom Programs Also Available.

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