Healthy Families Parenting Inventory

Why choose the HFPI for your Organization?

Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI)

The Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI) is a valid and reliable outcome measure that was designed to examine change in nine parenting domains: Social Support, Problem-Solving, Depression, Personal Care, Mobilizing Resources, Role Satisfaction, Parent/child Interaction, Home Environment and Parenting Efficacy.


What's Inside the Manual:

  • Gives home visitors the steps for effective administration of the HFPI with families

  • Informs users about how to properly interpret and score the HFPI

  • Helps home visitors use results to develop goals and plan curriculum activities with families

  • Demonstrates how the HFPI can be used to develop focused interventions to address family strengths and critical needs

  • Aids in the supervision process and service planning

  • Includes worksheets to use directly with families

  • Includes psychometrics that will assist in analyzing HFPI data

  • HFPI Instrument and score sheet included with manual 

  • Translated Versions of the HFPI are available

Recommended by National Home Visiting Resource Center in 2019 Brief


Healthy Families Parenting Inventory - HFPI Tip Sheets

Practical tips for addressing each of the following domains of the HFPI:

  • Social Support

  • Problem Solving

  • Depression

  • Mobilizing Resources

  • Parent/Child Interaction

  • Role Satisfaction

  • Home Environment

  • Personal Care

  • Parenting Efficacy

Tip Sheets include Skills to Build with Families, Conversation Starters, Homework Ideas for families, and Focused Interventions for the home visitor.

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"I love these Tip Sheets! They are so full of ideas of things I can do with my families."

Home Visitor, HF AZ