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Joe Dorri
Joe Dorri

Evaluation Associate

Joe Dorri, MA

Joseph (Joe) Dorri, M.A., is an Evaluation Associate for LeCroy & Milligan Associates. He brings over a decade of program development, evaluation, research, and organizational strategic planning experiences to the firm. Joe also leads various international studies and has an acumen for survey development and statistical methods. His background includes a master’s in education, a bachelor’s in psychology, and recognition by the California State Legislature for excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the community.

Some of his high-profile studies include developing a psychosocial questionnaire that measures key indicators and predictors of mental health, academic performance, and a positive life trajectory. This anonymous and research-backed questionnaire provides immediate feedback and helpful resources to users. His work is used internationally, such as in Egypt, France, Puerto Rico, and Japan. Furthermore, he played a central role in co-creating and validating a questionnaire to measure COVID and Long COVID. This work is published in peer-review journals, books, and at conventions. His expertise and experiences have led to presentations for high-impact organizations, such as the American Psychological Association, the International Honor Society in Psychology, and ACT, Inc, which tests over 1.3 million students annually.

Joe is also the mentee of the world-renown psychologist Philip Zimbardo, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and host of the highly acclaimed PBS Series "Discovering Psychology.” Joe contributed to his mentor’s nonprofit, The Heroic Imagination, which provides educational training on prosocial behavior, and then founded his own nonprofit to increase student well-being and success. Joe's mentors have shaped his personal and professional development, such as his teaching style and interventions. He has also taught at various universities – including the University of California, Los Angeles – and written a book titled, “The Good Student: How to Take Control of Your College Years” that makes decades of research and first-hand experiences accessible to young people.

When not working on diverse projects, Joe enjoys writing, practicing martial arts, meditating, walking, and spending time with family and friends – he also
loves dogs and nature.

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