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Kara Jones
Kara Jones, MA, MLIS

Sr. Evaluation Associate & Research Manager

Kara Jones, MA, MLIS

Kara Jones, MA, MLIS is a Senior Evaluation Associate & Research Manager at LeCroy & Milligan Associates with 15 years of experience in health and community development projects.  Her work includes multi-year behavioral health, food systems, and economic development programs in Arizona, Central America, and the Pacific Islands, along with shorter-term strategic planning and design.

Kara has often been in a hybrid role of program director and evaluator, and appreciates the interaction between direction and discovery.  She brings both detailed and systemic thinking to projects, and enjoys developing methodologies that are participatory, useful, and sustainable.  Kara has led evaluations at federally funded agencies and nonprofits, as well as grassroots organizations and collectives.  Before joining LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Kara held leadership positions at Pima Prevention Partnership and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Kara earned a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in International Development, and also served in Peace Corps Nicaragua.  Recently she studied Information Science, with a focus on how knowledge is organized to be both inclusive and accessible.

Outside of the office, Kara can be found walking long distances for the freedom of it, as well as baking pastries for the discipline of it.

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