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Kerry B Milligan, MSSW



Kerry B Milligan, MSSW

Kerry B Milligan, MSSW, co-founded LeCroy & Milligan Associates in 1991. Ms. Milligan and Dr. LeCroy shared a vision to create an evaluation team that would assist organizations to use rigorous evaluation information and processes to assess their effectiveness, build their evaluation capacity, and improve their services. 


Ms. Milligan directed evaluation projects ranging in scope from small local consultation projects to multi-year large state and federally funded evaluations. Ms. Milligan has worked with numerous state agencies and local community based organizations.  She brings expertise in evaluation planning and management, systems evaluation, strategic planning, group facilitation, report development, quality assurance and training systems, and development of workshops and training related to evaluation topics and evaluation results.  She is particularly interested in leadership development, coalition development, and providing coaching and consultation to organizations and small businesses so that evaluation information is used for decision making and program improvement.


Ms. Milligan also brings years of direct service experience that has helped to ground our company’s work in the practice issues facing service organizations.  Her early work as a clinical social worker led to her focus and curiosity about best practice approaches. She also devoted over 15 years to creating and providing training and education to professionals, youth, adults and families in a broad array of prevention, wellness and leadership development areas.  She is a long time member of the American Evaluation Association and Arizona Evaluation Network, as well as several woman-owned small business organizations.


In addition to spending time with family, Ms. Milligan loves to bring her avocations of poetry, painting and dancing into the office at regular intervals.

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