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HFPI Tip Sheets: Laminated, 9 per set

The HFPI Tip Sheets guide home visitors to more effective outcomes with families by illustrating Evidence-Based Practice Principles.


Tip Sheets include Skills to Build with Families, Conversation Starters, Homework Ideas for families, and Focused Interventions for the home visitor.


This set of laminated double-sided reference cards provide easy-to-use, practical tips for addressing each of the following domains of the HFPI.

Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI) Tip Sheets

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  • HFPI Domain Areas

    • Social Support
    • Problem Solving
    • Depression
    • Mobilizing Resources
    • Parent/Child Interaction
    • Role Satisfaction
    • Home Environment
    • Personal Care
    • Parenting Efficacy
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