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Healthy Families Parenting Inventory

The Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI) is a valid and reliable outcome measure that was designed to examine change in nine parenting domains. The HFPI is widely used across the United States and internationally in home visitation, early childhood intervention and family support programs. The HFPI responds to the need for an outcome measure that is relevant to familiy support programs, sensitive to change, appropriate with diverse populations, and produces data immediately useful in practice.

HFPI User Manual & Instrument

  • Terms of Use

    Please follow the link to read our Terms of Use regarding use and redistribution of this product.

  • HFPI Domain Areas

    • Social Support
    • Problem Solving
    • Depression
    • Mobilizing Resources
    • Parent/Child Interaction
    • Role Satisfaction
    • Home Environment
    • Personal Care
    • Parenting Efficacy
  • Translations

    Currently available translations listed above. 79$ includes translated HPFI Instrument and English Manual. Please inquire about obtaining any other language translation. Only certified translations by LeCroy & Milligan Associates are considered valid and reliable. 

  • Prenatal HPFI Instrument

    Included with your order is the HFPI Prenatal that has been adapted for use with families in the prenatal period

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