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Innovation & Technology Research Manager/Partner

Skyler Milligan-LeCroy

Skyler Milligan-LeCroy, BS

Skyler Milligan-LeCroy, BS, works as a Special Projects Manager at LeCroy & Milligan Associates.  Mr. LeCroy brings a BS in Business Administration and experience and expertise in project management, operations and strategic development to bear on new product development, process improvements  and research support at LeCroy & Milligan Associates.  These projects have included website development, development of a social media plan, team consultation on project management software and project management processes, technical and technical support, and assistance in product development, marketing and distribution of assessment instruments created by LeCroy & Milligan Associates. 

As an evaluation team member, Mr. LeCroy provides coordination, data collection, survey development, and report development  on selected projects in the areas of health, behavioral health , justice and education. 

Outside of the office Skyler also enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping and gardening. 

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